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First Photograph, left to right: Jamie Lafever, Trenton Moulin, and Mike Vereb. Mike and Sally Vereb hosted the September 17th meeting of the Clarion County Community Foundation Board of Directors at Lincoln Hall, a historic performance space above the Foxburg Free Library. Sally made pizzas and chocolate chip cookies in the kitchen of the Button House and brought them across the street to our delight. The Board has never been treated so well or met in so charming a space.

Second Photograph, left to right: Barry McCauliff, Bill Kaufman, Janice Horn, and Hal Wassink. Following our meeting we toured the Button House, a Depression Era home of double plank construction Mike and Sally have restored and decorated in period furnishings to display some of Sally’s vast collection of buttons.

Third Photograph, left to right: Jamie Lafever, Clara Belloit, Jerry Belloit, and Sally Vereb. Sally gave us a brief introduction and then we wandered throughout the house. The buttons decorate every room and are organized by time, fashion, material, and subject matter.

Fourth Photograph, altogether: Charles Marlin and Sally Vereb. We asked lots of questions and had an aw-shucks time. It would be difficult not to enjoy a tour of the Button House which Sally offers during the summer months. Call her at (724) 659-0180 or do the email thing at buttons@thebuttonhouse.com

Fifth Photograph: Depression Era aprons at the Button House. The tours are free; but there is a “Donations Appreciated” bowl in the living room. You can skip the bowl if you bring Sally a bag of buttons; or as I discovered, Sally has a second weakness for Depression-Style aprons. Find her a good one, and bring it along.

Please don’t expect Sally to make pizzas for you as she only does that for very “special” occasions. Around the corner from the Button House is the Foxburg Pizza Place, the Allegheny Grille, Foxburg Wine Cellars, and Divani Chocolatier (and ice cream parlor). You will not leave Foxburg hungry. Charles Marlin

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The Bigot: Why Prejudice Persists by Stephen Eric Bronner is a big little book, meaning a lot of valuable insight, historical context, and useful distinctions for a murky subject. It will help clarify thoughts; but it does not offer a solution, unless self-education and self-awareness is as close to one an individual is ever likely to get. If the reader has the habit of underlining important passages and adding marginalia, give it up because there will be no white space left on any page.

A sense of the scope of the book can be taken from the Appendix: Beginnings, that lists books and films for further study, organized by topics: Modernity, Anti-Semitism, Sexism, Racism, Gay Life, The True Believer, The Elitist, The Chauvinist, Islamopholia, Fanaticism, and Intolerance. His definitions distinguish between bigot, chauvinist, elitist, and racist, whether dressed in outdated attire or the latest political cover. He does not spare names. Charles Marlin

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