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If James Lee Burke was taxed at 33.34% on all writing income, I might feel kinder toward him.  He simply does not need all this success.  If you are a Burkeian you already know there is a new Dave Robicheaux Novel titled Creole Belle, so you have no need for a pissy review by me.

Burke’s heroes are legend.  They have backgrounds of mixed virtues and virulent pathogens.  They almost play by the rules.  Their bodies are bruised, battered, scared, and overweight, although women don’t seem to mind.  Around them, crime is never simple.  The sleaze of the slime are their speciality.

Yet, despite all of the above, his heroes know history, recall music, quote Shakespeare and great American novels, and love classic cars.  They enjoy sunrises and sunsets, are food connoisseurs, and women love them.  It’s a rough life.  Charles Marlin

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