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Jamie Lefever is the newest member of the Clarion County Community Foundation Board of Directors.  She is a resident of New Bethlehem and is involved in many civic and nonprofit organizations across the county, so we are doubly happy she has come on the CCCF Board.

She has just moved into the position of Executive Director of the Clarion County Economic Development  Corp, a spot vacated by Brad Ehrhart who moved on to Portage County, Ohio.  If you want to talk to Jamie, drop in to the CCEDC office at 21 N 6th Avenue, Clarion.

The community foundation has two openings available on the board of directors, and we welcome new interest in becoming a volunteer member of the board.  We meet from four to seven times a year for an hour at 5pm on the third Wednesday of the month.  If you would like to visit to learn more about the foundation, call the board president Jerry Belloit at home (814) 227-2673.  Charles Marlin

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For long time fans of Haruki Murakami, 1Q84 will be a delight, all 925 pages.  For readers new to the master, the energy and time needed to finish such a long book may overwhelm them.  He is certainly worth getting to know; and Kafka On The Shore or Norwegian Wood are good places to start.

1Q84 has the swirl of altered realities that is Murakami’s special gift.  His characters are richly textured.  Every detail is meaningful because the reader may need it later.  Deconstruct a scene only to be clueless as to what will happen in the next scene.

Reading Murakami is an active sport in which the reader wins but never finishes ahead of the author.  Charles Marlin

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No, this is not a book review, food recipe, or community foundation news; this is a post about safe winter driving.  When hard ice collects on your windshield and wiper blades, don’t get upset and sweaty–stay calm and use Prestone Windshield De-Icer.  It melts the ice it contacts and keeps it from refreezing.  You will be delighted.

I purchased this product late last winter in an aerosol can which is convenient but you cannot tell how much product you have left.  This season I bought the spray bottle which I rate excellent.

Look for a bright yellow bottle with a blue label.  Don’t trust your loved ones to follow your advice.  Buy the product and hand it to them.  Charles Marlin

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Even though I am not sure of what I want to write about Dante in Love by A. N. Wilson, many writers have had no trouble producing over eight thousand entries under Dante in the British Library.  Wilson adds one more, perhaps a useful one.

For decades I have mildly chided myself for not going beyond one feeble undergraduate attempt to read the Divine Comedy.  After nibbling an hors d’oeuvre here and there in Wilson, I am satisfied to live without making the sacrifice in time and effort to read the old boy directly.

If you are not steeped in background, but still have an interest to learn more about Dante as preparation for starting in on the Divine Comedy, or as a substitute for entering Hell, then this is just the book for you.  You will learn the little that is known about Dante as a person, and the sad state of political affairs in the Italy of his time, and the corrupt involvement of the church in all things that were none of its true mission.  You will learn how Dante treated friends, family, and foes.  There certainly appears to be a lot one can learn from Dante’s writing.

Reading Wilson it is easy to believe he has done his research and given you the clearest possible entry into Dante, but an objective scholar he is not.  He is a giddy cheerleader with large, double pom-poms.  If you like watching cheerleaders, you will not miss his lack of objectivity.

The book has a lively collection of colored illustrations of Dante and the Divine Comedy.  Charles Marlin

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