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Friends say come on over for a party, so you plan on it all week. Saturday you shower and put clean underwear and a clean shirt on and ride off. But there is no one in sight. No one bothered to let you know the location was changed.


You feel cheated, devalued, plain bummed out. Friends should treat you better than this. And your Clarion Friends agree. To hook up with us the ride is really short. Click on the Donations page, then click on the web address that comes up. From there you click on Donate and select  Rare Gift. PayPal does the rest for you.


 We don’t shake a man’s hand, then forget about it. We make and keep friends the old-fashioned way. We respect your views. We respond when you expect us to. We remember you. We always make room for you around our campfire.



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Selecting a post title and image for a book review is a romp through what you have read.  There is no one to punish you if there is a bit of damage or graffiti left behind.  You didn’t write the book, but the romp is all yours.

Tom McCarthy, a writer and talking head, is the author of C.  The problem is there is another Tom McCarthy who is an actor, screen writer, and director.  They look like brothers, except the author of C has a green sweater his grandmother gave him, and the actor has a hairy chest.  If the chest is not showing or the green sweater is absent, well it is hard to say which Tom you have.

I found an image that encapsulates the life of Serge Carrefax, the wayward subject of C.  When I discovered the witches of Macbeth were originally described by Shakespeare as wayward rather than weird, I knew I had both title and image.

What you see above is Macbeth and witches in the West German ballet Macbeth by Johann Kresnik and Gottfried Helnwein at the Edinburgh International Festival, 1989.  Those who like gutsy ballet, snake-bit lives, and wayward men will enjoy C.

For Serge Carrefax the difference between charmed and cursed is not evident as he is battered by unnatural forces with no buffer from the on-again off-again luck of the ordinary person.  If ordinary luck found him he would recognize the inherent boredom and soon have it corrupted.

The lesson to be learned from C is never to travel or in anyway partner with a Serge Carrefax.  Of course you would need luck to recognize one soon enough to escape unscathed.  It is,  however, safe to read about a Serge Carrefax.  Charles Marlin

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The Board of Trustees of the Bridge Builders Community Foundations announces steps to transition the organization from the leadership of Mr. Stephen Kosak, after 21 years as Executive Director, to new leadership.

The Board has assigned Mr. Kosak a new title as Senior Executive Director effective when his employment with PNC Bank, National Association begins on January 1, 2011.  As Senior Executive Director he will advise, review, and consult with the Bridge Builders staff, Trustees, and affiliate Boards, serve Ex-Officio on the Bridge Builders Board of Trustees, and represent the community foundations at functions when appropriate.

Beginning January 1, 2011, Dr. Bill Kaufman of Clarion will serve as Interim Executive Director.  He has been given an ambitious set of instructions by the Bridge Builders Trustees.  Additionally he will manage the administrative offices at 213 Seneca Street, Oil City, meet with donors, volunteers, and nonprofit organizations seeking grants from one of the three affiliate community foundations.  All the services the foundations are known for will continue during this transition.

The specific challenges given to Dr. Kaufman are to evaluate all operations, budget, and staffing to create efficiencies, expand services, and economize; create goodwill in our service area; organize Penn Jefferson Community Foundation as an affiliate to serve Jefferson County; make recommendations for future operations, budget, and staffing; and finally to assist the Trustees in the employment of a new Executive Director.

After 37 years in education, Dr. Kaufman retired in July 2009 from his position of Executive Director of the Riverview Intermediate Unit 6.  Before his tenure at Riverview, Dr. Kaufman served 12 years as the Superintendent of the Clarion Area School District.  Prior to this, he was employed by the Oil City Area School District where he worked in several capacities ranging from math teacher and coach to assistant superintendent.  Dr. Kaufman received a BS in mathematics from Juniata College, a master’s degree from Westminster College, and a doctorate in education from Penn State.

Mrs. Lynn McCaslin of Tionesta, Trustee President, says, “the mission of Bridge Builders Community Foundations and the affiliates Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundation is the same as under Mr. Kosak.  We are a nonprofit trustee for charitable endowment funds, administered by independent, local affiliate Boards and the final Board of Trustees.”

Mrs. McCaslin continues, “we emphasize local control, low administrative fees, and direct participation by donors, volunteers, and nonprofit organizations.  Our funds include scholarships, school funds, unrestricted funds, funds serving a specific nonprofit, cemetery funds, community funds, and field-of-interest funds.  Our breadth and commitment are unique.”

The phone number for the administrative offices in Oil City will remain (814) 677-8687 at 213 Seneca Street.  In Clarion County the mailing address is Clarion County Community Foundation, Suite A, 21 N 6th Avenue, Clarion PA 16214.  The Clarion County President is Dr. Jerry Belloit of Clarion, and Vice-President is Mr. Barry McCauliff of Shippenville.  The Forest County President is Mr. Jim Parrett of Marienville, and Vice-President is Mrs. Josie Habjanetz of Tionesta.  The Venango Area President is Mr. Joseph Keebler of Franklin, and the Vice-President is Mr. Ed Bergin of Franklin.

Pictured from left to right are Dr. Kaufman, Mrs. McCaslin, and Mr. Kosak.  Press Release

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