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There will be some who like Terrence Holt’s collection of short stories In The Valley Of The Kings.  They will like to read of dark and broody things, spacey, a bit medical, events and elements beyond the rules of history and physics.  They may even believe that words may carry not only their own story but the power to alter the present in ways best left in the void of light.

It is not known why W. W. Norton & Company did not publish the book with plain spine and black boards, no larger than 5 x 7″.  Charles Marlin

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trevor-395[1]The Irish writer, this being William Trevor specifically, knows how to live the stereotype.  He looks the part better than Hollywood casting.  He writes with the grace and confidence of a master artisan.  He handles travail as if were bread and butter.  He gives Irish life biblical aura.  He makes a book something to hold and keep.

In Love And Summer lives starved for love touch and are bruised.  The slackers seem to fare better than the kind and good, healing coming more slowly to some than to others.  Old bruises bring out empathy in some and dullness in others.  The reader will find himself in the small actions of the Dillahan farm and village of Rathmoye because the setting is not geopolitical Ireland but the land of your heart.

Oil the gears on the old bike and ride through the lives of Ellie Dillahan and her husband, too good to need a first name.  You will recognize the slackers for what they are immediately.  Charles Marlin

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flipflop3The World Funky Deviled Egg Plate 2010 Competition entry #09 from Vera Boone.

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A one day symposium to learn about the transfer of wealth study findings for individual western Pennsylvania counties and strategies to capture some of the wealth transfer will be held Friday, November 13th, from 10:30am to 3:30pm at the Seneca Hills Bible Conference campus.  Specific tactics covered will be how to create a legacy society, cultivating alumni for a local school endowment, and using local pride to create community endowments.  The symposium sponsors are Bridge Builders Community Foundations, the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, and the Community Foundation for Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio, and the Seneca Hills Bible Conference.

The symposium is designed to help nonprofits, schools, community foundations, and churches participate in the massive transfer of $193.38 billion in assets over the next ten years by retiring Pennsylvania baby boomers.  If you are motivated to help your community develop endowment funds, this is your time in the classroom.  The presenters will be Barry Denk, Director of the Center for Rural Pennsylvania, Bob Potter, former Executive Director of Centre County Community Foundation and now executive of Potter Development Services, and Larry Haynes, Executive Director of the Community Foundation for Western Pennsylvania and Eastern Ohio.

You must register by Friday, November 6th, either by email at www.senecahills.org or by phone at (814) 432-3026.  Your cost is $10 per person to cover coffee and donuts in the morning and lunch.  Once registered, you may pay at the door on the day of the symposium.  The campus is not far from I-80 to the South and Franklin PA to the North.  The address is 276 Damascus Road, Polk PA.  Google a map so you don’t get lost in those hills.  Hopefully there will be Clarion Friends there.  Charles Marlin

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I have a feeling that Desert has been left behind on many airplane seats, beside the bed at motels, in the back of cars until someone accidently soaks it in melted snow, and under those stacks of magazines that grow on their own.  It is an easy book to put down.  Repetitive, not real enough to be believed, too snobbish to be welcoming, too other worldly to grasp, it is an effort to read.  As with the models and clothing in The New York Times Style Magazine, is there ever a time and place where they look like they belong?  Both book, fashions, models, and photographers are best indulged in a Salon.  I am not sure there is one near me.

Lucky for the author J. M. G. LeClezio, he won the 2008 Nobel Prize in Literature, and splits his time between Albuquerque, New Mexico, the island of Mauritius, and Nice, France.  My review can’t touch him.

If you have an obsession with any part of the North African desert, you may find my review off base.  He gives a lot of attention to the light and pain of the desert.  Better read about, it seems, than experienced.

It is translated from the French by C. Dickson.  Charles Marlin

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I have no explanation for the delay that now stretches over seven months.  The PayPal account remains gummed up.  Jeanne Best, our Associate Director, has done everything requested but without the result we hoped for.  She will try again.

There will be a small gratifying celebration when the Donation Page works.  Charles Marlin

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For the past eleven years the Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF, The Association of Pennsylvania State College and University Retired Faculty, has awarded scholarships through the Clarion University Foundation honoring their deceased colleagues.  At their Fall Dinner and Meeting on October 15th the tradition was continued for its twelfth year.  The Memorial Resolution is as follows.

       Whereas, The Clarion University Chapter of APSCURF approved on April 21, 2005, two annual memorial scholarships of $1,000 each;

       Resolved, That the 2009-2010 scholarships be designated memorials for our deceased colleagues

Paul E. Beck  01/12/09  Chemistry

John B. Cliff, Jr.  11/25/08  Mathematics

Vincent J. Curran  08/05/09  Health and Physical Education, Athletics

Robert Dean Hobbs  06/19/09  Art

Kristin Linda Marshall  07/26/09  Mass Media Arts, Journalism, and Communication Studies

John M. McLean  10/07/09  Music

Suzanne Louis P-Jobb  05/23/09  Modern Languages and Cultures

Roy H. Schreffler  05/22/09  Special Education

Dana S. Still  07/23/09  English

Norman Tannehill  01/05/09  Computer Information Science

Silas Townsend  02/05/09  Library

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