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At the Board of Directors meeting of the Clarion County Community Foundation on September 16, 2009, most of the hour was spent on reports.  The first report was on Clarion Friends https://clarionfriends.wordpress.comwhich has received over 3,700 visits since its beginning, but something has gone wrong with our paypal account on the Donations Page.  We have reports that people are not able to make donations, so our Associate Director Jeanne Best will try to get the paypal account back in working order.  We are sorry that this has disrupted doners’ efforts to support our field-of-interest funds.

We heard a report from our CCCF Treasurer Jerry Belloit who also chairs the BBCF Finance and Investment Committee.  He discussed the BBCF Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual dated September 2008 through August 2009 submitted by Best.  He also discussed the recently approved BBCF Budget for Fiscal Year 09-10 as submitted by Best.  He discussed the Report of Managed Investment Accounts for BBCF ending June 30, 2009, submitted by Best.

Vice-President Janice Horn reported on non-financial actions taken by the BBCF Trustees at their last meeting.  None of the actions dealt directly with CCCF.

Executive Director Steve Kosak reported on a recent meeting with Jefferson County governmental, community, and business leaders that begins the BBCF’s effort to organize the Penn Jefferson Community Foundation as an affiliate of BBCF.  We are hopeful this effort proves successful as it will bring community foundation services to Jefferson County through a community based organization, and it will strengthen BBCF by increasing the population and capital base of our united service area.  The entire CCCF Board expressed a willingness to help in any way requested.

Our last agenda item was the election of William J. Rupert to the Board Class ending March 13, 2010.  Directors are entitled to serve two consecutive three-year terms if elected.  Completing a partial term does not impact that entitlement.  There continues to be openings on the Board, so anyone interested can find out more about the foundation and how the Board operates by calling Board President Charles Marlin at (814) 797-2233.

Our next meeting will be November 18th, the third Wednesday of the month, from 5:15 to 6:15pm at the IC Rectory Meeting Room in Clarion.  Charles Marlin

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friendsIf you buy James Davidson’s new book for a bit of titillation you have wasted your money.  The Greeks And Greek Love: A Bold New Exploration Of The Ancient World is a scholarly work of depth, sweep, complexity, and revision.  Ancient Greece, as you will soon realize in reading, was varied and contradictory, never at peace with itself, bedeviled by life in Hades, Earth, and Heaven with neither gods nor mortals ever behaving with equanimity.  They were always hyped about maintaining political stability, social cohesiveness, and military power.

Through out the book Davidson explains the problems involved in writing a history so ancient and with so much record lost.  He cautions that whole chapters could be off the mark entirely.  He is sure we have not heard the last news from ancient Greece.  He takes on past historians in an effort to peel away the yellowed varnishes to look afresh at the old records both written and visual.  He looks at ancient art as visual narrative revealing much that was never written down.  This is a definitive guide to ancient Greece.

With all the time they spent fighting, appeasing the gods, attending to public affairs, it is a wonder they had food to put on the table.  As for sex, it took Davidson a fat book to explain it so I will leave the subject to him.  This ancient society was structured in ways very different from ours and esteemed  values some of which we would find difficult to accept.  There is no comparison.  Charles Marlin

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tyedyeThe World Funky Deviled Egg Plate 2010 Competition entry # 06 from Ruth Hollingsworth.

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On September 9th of this week, Craig Coon, Director of Community and Economic Development for Jefferson County called together a group of county officials, business and community leaders to hear a presentation on forming a community foundation.  The speaker was Steve Kosak, Executive Director of Bridge Builders Community Foundations, who proposed the creation of Penn Jefferson Community Foundation as a Jefferson County controlled affiliate and equal partner with Clarion County Community Foundation, Forest County Community Foundation, and Venango Area Community Foundationin the administrative organization of BBCF.  By affiliating with BBCF, a proposed community foundation without established endowment funds avoids the staggering expenses and difficulties of doing it alone, of reinventing the wheel.  From the first steps of coming together to talk about the idea, Jefferson County will have the support of a professional staff with an established office and tested procedures, as well as the support and comradery of three neighboring community foundations.

There will be additional informational meetings so interested citizens can join in the organizational process and become Founders by volunteering as directors for the new Board of Directors.  For information about future meetings, please call Craig Coon at 814-849-3047 or Steve Kosak at 814-677-5085.

BBCF has prepared a resource book that includes the National Standards for U.S. Community Foundations, an affiliate agreement between the Penn Jefferson Community Foundation and BBCF, proposed Bylaws, the BBCF Bylaws, and other materials explaining how a community foundation operates.  If interested in a copy, ask Craig Coon or Steve Kosak to put your name on a copy.

Each of the established affiliates are excited that Jefferson County may join them in BBCF and stand ready to support the effort in whatever way possible.  We see good things in a strong union of independent affiliates.  When we sit down at the BBCF Board of Trustees level we do so as equal partners.  No affiliate is ranked by seniority or endowment size or any criteria.

If you have public questions you would like answered  on this blog, post a comment and I will get you an answer.  Responses are welcome.  Charles Marlin

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The Board of Directors of the Clarion County Community Foundation will meet September 16th at 5:15pm for an hour meeting in the IC Parish Meeting Room.  Guests are always welcome, especially anyone who may wish to learn what is involved in serving on the Board.  As always, our meetings and records are open to everyone.

If you are coming for the first time, use the screened porch entrance of the Parish Office, facing the IC Church.  Take the steps immediately inside the door down to the meeting room.  If you plan to attend give me a call at 797-2233 so that I am sure to put an extra chair at the table.

The following is our tentative agenda.

I. Call to Order 5:15pm, IC Parish Meeting Room

II. Approval of May 20, 2009 minutes.

III. Reports  A. Clarion Friends https://clarionfriends.wordpress.com -Charles Marlin  B. BBCF Trustees Meetings -Janice Horn  C. Finance -Treasurer, Executive Director, Assistant Director  D. Jefferson County Organizational Effort -Executive Director

IV. New Business  Election of New Directors:  William J. Rupert to the Class ending March 13, 2010.  Directors are entitled to serve for two consecutive three-year terms if elected.  Completing a partial term does not impact that entitlement.  There are three openings in the Class ending March 13, 2010, two openings in the Class ending March 13, 2011, and one opening in the Class ending March 13, 2012.

V. Good Of The Order

VI. Adjournment 6:15pm.  Tables and chairs back in order please.

Attachments:  1. Report Of Managed Investment Accounts, June 30, 2009  2. BBCF Profit & Loss Budget vs. Actual, September 2008 through August 2009  3. BBCF Budget Fiscal Year 09-10 incorrectly labeled VACF Budget Fiscal Year 09-10  Charles Marlin

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Second3The World Funky Deviled Egg Plate 2010 Competition entry # 05 from Kimberly Johnston.

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